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ImmoMeeting 2014

ImmoMeeting is a B2B event bringing together Spanish banks, developers and Belgian real estate agents.

The prices of holiday homes in Spain have now reached rock bottom. As an example, a 130m2 penthouse with a sea view on Marbella’s Golden Mile was priced in the region of €400.000 in 2007, today you can purchase the same property for a just over €250.000. The square meter price has in some places dropped under €1.000 per m2.

The real estate market in moving: Spanish Central Banks announced that foreign real estate investment increased by 27 percent in 2011. Local realtors are getting busier as reduced prices are attracting more and more overseas buyers, seeking their place in the sun at the right price.

ImmoMeeting - June 2014 - Brussels/Flanders

A meeting point for Belgian realtors, Spanish banks and Spanish real estate developers.


The Spanish government is pressuring banks to reassess the value of their real estate stock and further adapt valuations to today’s market.

Spanish banks are currently offering up to 100 percent finance which makes the market extremely accessible and interesting to foreign investors.

On June 12th and 13th, you can participate in B2B meetings and network with Spanish banks and real estate developers (both presenting their stock and finance options).

If the above is of interest and you would like to take advantage of this opportunity, please use the online registration form, send a email to: or contact us by phone on Tel: 0034 91 288 7955.




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